Fantastic subway art that imaged the deep sea

A photograph that drew out the state of the deep sea was introduced, using canvas inside the subway car overseas.

Also in Japan in the bodyWrapping advertisementThere are times when you change appearance, but when you decorate the interior like this, the time of commuting to work everyday may be fun.

Details are as below.Beautiful subway artwork - Artsy Spot

I am making a whole canvas wall in the subway car. Overall blue is in keynote and is gathered up with a simple color scheme.

Until the window frame is firmly drawn in.

If delicate illustrations are drawn so far, it seems that rakugaki is likely to decrease.

Impression that jellyfish and coral are also different from the real thing somehow if it is drawn with a unique touch.

It is interesting that the umbrella of the central woman is three-dimensional.

It is slightly creepy that eyes are drawn in the middle of the octopus, but I think that it is wonderful and beautiful.

In such a car, it seems that it stares at the wall rather than the scenery outside the window.

Illustration like a fusion of fish and women.

It is very realistic but it depicts a world view that is not real, so it seems like I went somewhere far away just by taking a train.

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