Burger King's campaign to deliberately drop a cash-filled wallet and give it to the person who got it

Burger King of a hamburger chain store said he did a campaign to deliberately drop a wallet with cash in Chicago. Inside the wallet is written that "This wallet belongs to you" and that he can make his purse his own wallet.

Although it is a little strange project, the review effect seems to be quite high as it is an unexpected gift.

Details of the wallet etc. from the following.Time Out Chicago: The TOC Blog Creepy beef monarch leaving wallets full of money around Chicago (Updated with pictures)

Burger King dropped a total of 5000 wallets. It seems that wallets contain bills of dollars to 100 dollars (about 95 to 9500 yen) and gift cards of 5 to 20 dollars (about 480 to 1900 yen).

This was the wallet actually discovered. Includes 5 dollar banknotes, gift cards, business cards, receipts, maps showing the location of Burger King, Burger King's license and so on.

Some people have found purses in Orlando.
Free wallet from Burger King |

Wallets are also likely to be used normally. It seems that this wallet contained one dollar bills and five dollar gift cards.

A message from King that "I do not care about the person who dropped, I want this wallet to have".

King's license.

Dennis Frymire who found a wallet in Chicago station.
Carmi Neighborhood Watch: I Found the Burger King's Wallet This Morning

It was a 1 dollar bill and a $ 5 gift card. The portrait of the banknote is Burger King, but this is a sticker and it seems that you can use it as a normal banknote when you peel off.

People who pick up a wallet will teach friends and colleagues, so I feel that it is quite effective as a campaign.

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