Secure safe made with Lego

There seems to be a highly safe safe made using Lego. Although it seems likely to break soon, it seems that it is easy to take out the contents, but it is not only hard to carry but also makes it considerable in terms of security in various respects, and it seems to be pretty hard to take out the contents is.

It is a serious thing for making it by play, so you can see well that I spent a considerable amount of time and effort to create.

Details are from the following.
LEGO Safe - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog

The size of this LEGO safe is "38 cm × 38 cm × 38 cm (length × width × height)" and the weight is 6.5 kg. It seems that the thickness of the wall is also 7 cm and it is made sturdy.

The key is locked with an electronic code, it seems that it is structured to enter a release code by two front knobs to open the key.

Although it seems that you can unlock the code by combining five 2-digit codes, it can not be easily released because there are 3 trillion and 5 billion combinations.

It also seems that it is difficult to take it away as the alarm sounds as soon as you move it for a while.

When you release the electronic code, the locked part can be retracted and the safe can be opened.

Since it is possible to change the release code every time a key is applied, the possibility that the release code is known to others is low.

You can see the movie explained below.


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