Finally AMD announces Intel's Atom counter-dual core CPU, low price laptop new option

In many cases Intel's power saving processor "Atom" is adopted as the CPU of a low price laptop computer called "netbook" including ASUS's "EeePC" series, but at last the AMD opposes "Atom" We are planning to announce a dual core CPU.

It seems that this will add new options to low price laptops.

Details are as follows.
AMD Answers Atom with 'Conesus,' Roadmap Update - Technology News by ExtremeTech

According to this article, AMD seems to have made analysts present the CPU road map.

And six types of platforms ranging from portable devices to those for high-end machines are available in the roadmap, and "Yukon" is presented as a platform for low-priced notebook PC "netbook".

In addition, six CPUs are scheduled to appear in accordance with the introduction of a new platform, and the codenamed CPUs "Caspian" and "Conesus" for small notebook computers and netbooks will go on line in January 2009 It will be announced at CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

The codenamed CPUs "Caspian" and "Conesus" adopted the same architecture as the Opteron of the core "Shanghai" announced yesterday, the manufacturing process also becomes 45 nm, and both have dual-core DDR2 controllers Integration. "Caspian" is designed for ultra-small notebook computers, and "Conesus" is designed to be able to meet the specification requirements of netbook.

Already when Acer launches low-priced desktop PCs that compete with ASUS's "Eeebox" in early 2009,It suggests that you may adopt VIA or AMD CPU instead of Intel's Atom processorHowever, due to the appearance of this CPU, will a new strong choice be added to the netbook market which was almost the Atom's predominant place? I am also concerned about how far the dual core CPU affects the battery duration.

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