Luxury guests such as Masato Takahashi appear one after another, tomorrow 'Toro Station' will be delivered 24 hours a day

In commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of information content "Masutoichi Issho" which introduces daily information on "TORO" and "Kuro" with trivial talks such as trivia, entertainment, gourmet and latest games, every hour from noon tomorrow It is said that the "Troste 24 Hour Marathon" which delivers news continuously over time will be done.

Moreover, it is famous for "16 shot" which pushes the controller button of the game machine 16 times per secondMakoto TakahashiAnd "Sakura Taisen" seriesPrince HiroiNot only that, luxury guests such as Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin & Len will appear one after another.

Although it is contents updated everyday, together with the love of "Toro" and "Kuro" secretly is considered to be a killer content of PS 3 · PSP, it is "It is all together", but apparently it is a terrible project It seems to be.

Details are as follows.
Total 2 year anniversary project "Troste 24 Hour Marathon"

According to this page, in commemoration of the second anniversary of "Masutoichi Issho", "Toro Station" is updated every hour from noon on Saturday, November 15 (Saturday) to noon on Sunday 16 (Sunday) "Troste 24 hour marathon" will be done.

"Tolste 24 Hour Marathon" is that "Tolo" and "Kurosu" aim for the goal through various places in Tokyo, luxury guests will appear at each checkpoint. Also, it says something "Toro" and "Kuro" may do for guests. By the way, in the PSP version of "Masutoichi Ishi Portable", the past "Toro Station" which was highly evaluated will be offered.

The following guests are currently clear.

Ueda Watanabe(Sony Computer Entertainment)
Hitoshi Sakimoto(Basis Cape)
Makoto Takahashi(Hudson)
Noriko Nagoshi(Sega)
Daisuke Miyake(Music of "Dokodemo iso", responsible for sound effects)
Koichi Hamamura(Enterbrain)
Kazuo Hirai(Sony Computer Entertainment)
Akihiro Hino(Level 5)
Prince Hiroi(Red Entertainment)

In addition, according to the following link "Hatsune Miku" and "Kagamine Rin & Len" in addition to "Devil May Cry 4"Dante" and "Nero" and so on will appear.

I will not let you go to bed this weekend ...! Delivering "Troste 24 Hour Marathon" Program Guide / Game Information Portal:

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