Compare "When was the last time you called your mother" in each country

There seems to be a graph that summarizes what you surveyed "When was the last time you called your mother" in 10 countries around the world? Looking at the results of the questionnaire, you can see that the country's national character appears in the results.

People who think that phone calling to their mother is slightly embarrassed may also think that they may call a mother for a while after seeing the questionnaire result of each country.

The results of the questionnaire are as follows.
Calling Mom - Around the World With One Question Results | International Issues | Reader's Digest

America. Though the votes are even, the top 10 of the countries who answered "I do not remember" top.

England. The fewest people are calling on that day. Over 40% of respondents said they did not call for more than 3 months, top 10 countries.

France. The number of people calling the day at the same rate as the UK is the least among the 10 countries.

Germany. It is characterized by many people calling in the near future in Europe.

Russia. Although there are not many people calling on that day, there are many people in contact within one month.

Brazil. Nearly half of people call on that day. On the other hand, it seems that there are also 23% of people who have not called for more than 3 months.

Canada. Apart from those who do not remember, it is characteristic that no one is calling for more than 3 months.

India. There are 90% of people calling within a week, which is very large. Excluding those who do not remember, it is characteristic that there is no one who has not called for more than a month.

Indonesia. Many people are calling relatively early.

China. The number of people calling the day is the top among the 10 countries. The total number of people calling within one month is 91%, which is very large. Chinese national treasure that makes mothers very important is appearing.

When comparing people who called within one week it looks like this.

You can see that many Asian countries are calling in the near future. Except for Germany, it can be seen that European countries have fewer individualistic countries, or are they due to high cohabitation rate, or less calling their mothers than other countries. In the United States, there are many things to do with e-mails, so it may have been surprisingly small results.

Why do not you call me once at this opportunity if you are a bit concerned that you are not calling your mother for a while?

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