A major country image survey, 71% of Chinese think that "Japan has a negative impact on the world" 52% of Japanese think "China has an adverse effect on the world"

"BBC World Service Country Rating Poll", a questionnaire survey conducted by telephone, etc. to about 30,000 people in 27 countries, shows whether the impact on the international community is "positive" for the EU and 16 major countries Negative "thing is evaluated. The findings highlight the image that people in each country hold to their own countries and other countries.

Details are as below.Positive Views of Brazil on the Rise in 2011 BBC Country Rating Poll - World Public Opinion

This survey "BBC World Service Country Rating Poll" has been implemented every year since 2005, and the results of this survey were conducted from December 2, 2010 to February 4, 2011 to 28 86 19 people in 27 countries This is the result.

Canada · America · Mexico · Peru · Chile · Brazil · Portugal · Spain · France · Italy · Germany · Turkey · Ghana · Nigeria · Egypt · Kenya · Republic of South Africa · Russia · Pakistan · India · China · Korea · Japan · Indonesia · 27 countries in the Philippines and Australia are the countries in which the survey is conducted.

The subjects were evaluated in 16 countries of Germany, the UK, Canada, Japan, France, Brazil, USA, China, South Africa, India, Korea, Russia, Israel, Pakistan, North Korea and Iran and the European Union.

A graph of the average of the evaluation (excluding the evaluation by home country) by 25 countries in which the survey was carried out, among the evaluations for 16 countries + EU which was evaluated. "Blue has a positive influence primarily" Yellow is an evaluation that "has a main negative influence", the blank part is "hour and case depending on", "neutral" "I do not know · no answer" Answer. The figure on the far right shows how many points "positive" and "negative" increased compared to 2010, for example Japan was 57% rated "mainly positive", a 4% increase over the previous year, "mainly negative" Is 20%, 1% lower than the previous year.

In the average of the evaluation by 25 countries, the "positive" evaluation to Germany is the most numerous, it seems to be said that it is a country that is liked evenly all over the world. Following Britain, Canada, EU and Japan, Japan is fifth.

In Brazil, "positive" increased by 9% and "negative" decreased by 3% compared to 2010, and it seems that Brazil's liking for Brazil is increasing all over the world. Also, the evaluation of the Republic of South Africa where the World Cup was held in 2010 also shows that "positive" has increased by 7%. "Positive" evaluation increases for most countries subject to evaluation and the "negative" evaluation is decreasing, but the worst 3 evaluation against Iran, North Korea, Pakistan is lower worldwide than in 2010 It seems to be.

Evaluation of each country against the United States (click to enlarge).

While 64% of Americans positively influence their influence on the world, Canadian neighbors' evaluation to the United States is not so high, compared with 2010, 'negative' is increasing by 9%. Overall, the world's appreciation for the United States is rising, especially in Korea "positive" increased by 17% · "negative" by 38%, the parent rice mood seems to be increasing. In addition, the evaluation of Islamic countries towards the United States tends to improve, in Indonesia "positive" has increased by 22%, it is the first majority since the survey started, "Negative" evaluation is decreasing in Turkey and Pakistan. However, in Egypt, "positive" decreased by 19% compared with 2010 · "negative" increased by 21% and the evaluation to the US was drastically negative, and even in Western countries such as the UK and Spain, the evaluation to the United States slightly It is said that it is going down.

Evaluation of each country against China.

77% of Chinese are positive about their own countries, and the evaluation of the world against China is on the upward trend. Evaluation has improved for Russia, Australia, Indonesia, Pakistan, the United States, etc. in China, while evaluation seems to be falling in Canada, Britain, India, Japan etc etc. In Japan, the "negative" rating for China is 52% (14% higher than the previous year) as many as worldwide but the "positive" evaluation is 12% (6% decrease) It is the least.

Evaluation of each country against Japan.

39% of Japanese are positive about their country. Japan's influence on the international community seems to be totally positive, but "negative" evaluation is dominant in Mexico and China. In Mexico, "positive" decreased by 7% compared with 2010 · "negative" increased by 9%, reversing the evaluation, and in China, "positive" decreased by 11% · "negative" increased by 24%, originally negative Evaluation for Japan that was leaning seems to be further lowered. Evaluation for Japan in other countries is generally rising, especially in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Turkey, etc. In the United States, the United Kingdom, Kenya, etc., although the "positive" evaluation accounts for a majority, the evaluation seems to be decreasing in comparison with the previous year.

Evaluation of each country against Korea.

84% of Koreans are evaluating their countries positively, and the evaluation of the world against Korea is on the upward trend. Especially in Turkey, Australia, Canada, the United States, Indonesia, etc., the evaluation for Korea is improving, while "positive" decreased by 21% in the previous year and "negative" increased by 30% in China, the evaluation dropped sharply and negative It seems that it is tilted. Japan's evaluation of Korea is 33% positive for "positive" and 11% for "negative", but considering that 68% of Koreans are positive about Japan, this is a little It may be said that it is a strict evaluation.

Evaluation of each country against North Korea.

Since the survey has not been carried out in North Korea, we do not know the evaluation of the people of North Korea. Evaluation of the world towards North Korea tends to decline, but in Ghana, Turkey and Italy, the evaluation is up and the survey is conducted in Ghana where "positive" increased by 12% compared with the previous year and "negative" decreased by 11% The positive evaluation for North Korea is dominant only in the country. In Korea, which was in a state of military tension with North Korea in 2010, "negative" increased by 5% to 95%, which is the largest among the countries surveyed, while there was no change in "positive" evaluation 3% is. Japan's evaluation of North Korea is 1% for "Positive" and 91% for "Negative".

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