It is impossible to get married because there are too many men to approach the terribly domestic circumstances of China that import women from other countries

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In 2015Census resultsIn Japan, "Lifetime unmarried rate" showing the proportion of people who have never married until the age of 50 is 23.37% for men and 14.06% for women, announced that the surge has increased compared with the results in 2010 It has been. The issue concerning marriage was not only in Japan, but in China and India, there was a tendency for boys to be adjusted, so the number of men is larger than the number of women, and as a result, unmarried men become social problems. If you are in the state of importing brides from overseasThe Mercury NewsIt is communicating.

China, India grapple with the consequences too many men

Although the population of China is 1.4 billion people, it is said that 34 million more men are women than women. Although it seems that there is no difference there from the ratio of population, the number of 34 million people is equal to the population of Poland, and if the Poles are all men and think that they will spend their entire life without being able to marry, the seriousness I understand well. Because China had an one-child policy from 1979 to 2015, it was said that the adjustment of one child to become a boy is a major cause of imbalance between men and women.

As the number of single men increases, there is a growing concern that men, particularly those living in the countryside, will live without being married, and that they will greatly affect mental health. Also, to attract women, single men build houses in China, but there is a problem that surplus housing is born without payment.

And the demand for the act of "importing brides from overseas" due to lack of brides also increased. As a result of the brides being exported to China, there are also circumstances where shortages of brides also occur in neighboring countries.

Liu Hua who lives in Raiping City, China, was one who paid money to marry a foreign woman who was unable to find a bride in China. Mr. Hua, with the help of her sister and mother, chose a cute slim woman from Cambodian women who came to China to find the bridegroom. In Hua's village there are 50 to 60 single men, whereas there are only two single women, "For women over the age of 40 Cambodian women are like second chance" .

"People who live in the country think that a foreign wife is not better than a Chinese wife." At first, everyone thought that she would run away, but now it is not. She It was because he did not run away and was also very friendly and courteous to neighboring residents, and now everyone is talking about her wonderfulness, "Hua said.

Rakuhei is a place where Cambodian brides act as the center of trading. Mr. Lili, Hua's wife, is one of the tens of thousands of women who have been searching for bridegroom in China who is short of bride because the land they grew was poor.

byChiến Phạm

However, becoming a member of a family in another country for women is a big gamble. "Daughter-in-law" is the lowest position in the family, especially because it can be handled as "bought" literally if it becomes a foreigner.

For the reasons mentioned above, Lili's mother was opposed to marrying to China. However, Lili's father has already passed away and Lili needed money to let three brothers go to school. Lili lived in Kampong Cham in Cambodia but there is no working place, but in Cambodia it is considered culturally daughter is to support the family financially, so Lili decided to get married. "For the mother, we needed money," says Lili.

The money paid for Lili's marriage is 450 dollars (about 50,000 yen) and travel expenses. And after the arrival in China, the promise to be able to work in a good salary factory was tied up with the broker.

Prior to marrying Lili, Mr. Hua pays $ 5,000 to $ 40,000 (about 550,000 to 4,400,000 yen) as a down payment to make a dating relationship with a Chinese family's marriage premise. Because they broke down, some of them came back as cash back.

Chinese families are demanding, Hua, who got tired, paid 15,000 dollars (about 1.60 million yen) to the broker to marry a Cambodian woman, eventually came to marry with Lili. Between two people is born Sisi who is 1 year old as of 2018 and Siyiuan who is 4 years old. Through brokers, they said that they viewed their marriage as "genuine marriage", not "trading".

Lili and Siyiuan-kun, Hua-san are reflected in the photograph.

However, knowing how much husband paid for her marriage, broker lied to take away most of his money, and that he had not taken on the promised work, Lili was angry I feel that I feel.

Mr. Hua works as a painter and decorator and often absent from home for work. Therefore, Lili alone will take care of the child all day by one person. However, Mr. Hua's mother, Lili's mother-in-law, is sympathetic to Lili, and a real mother who visited China in 2017 paid $ 1500 (about 160,000 yen) as a money for the family As it was said that I was, Lili is seen as "one who was fortunate to get married."

"My husband is a very nice person, I will do it well, I do not want to return to Cambodia because there are two children," said Lili.

Contrary to Lili, there are also Cambodian women who have been forcibly married, who received terrible treatment after marriage.

A 32 - year - old woman living in Cambodia 's capital · Phnom Penh said he was married to a man who arrived in China when he came to China when he was prepared for work at the factory and was sneaky. The man told the woman, "You are my slave, I bought you, so I can make you like you."

Male families confined women to stay away from home, men requested sex acts four times a day. It is said that a woman was beaten if she declined sexual activity.

Women later gave birth to girls, but men also requested sexual activity 7 days after birth. Once the woman refused, the man beat the woman. When I had a miscarriage two years later, because my male family refused to accept treatment, I heard that the woman died.

For three years since China, women have not been in contact with Cambodian families, as they have had an interest in worrying about Cambodian mothers and not being able to send money to their parents home. However, in the end the woman called the brothers, persuading the male family to leave their married woman with reasons to "meet with sick mother" at the brother's awkwardness. However, I was forced to drink the condition that "my daughter should keep it".

A woman can not meet a 3 year old daughter for more than a year. And while feeling guilty, he says he is working at a clothing garment factory in the outskirts of Phnom Penh with a low wage.

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Elena Barabantseva of the University of Manchester leading a project on marriage immigration to China pointed out that there are an increasing number of women traveling to China seeking marriage from Russia as well as Cambodia. Russian women used to seek a marriage partner in Europe before, but in recent years they tend to move to urban areas of China seeking wealthy men. A Russian woman with a white skin and features of European people seems to be pulled from the Chinese people because "it is properly educated but it is not too free and more accessible than Europeans".

There is a thing called "marriage tour" traveling searching for brides to Russia and Ukraine, which is offered to Chinese men. This tour says that Chinese men will meet 10 to 20 women in a few days, the charge is about 5000 dollars (about 550,000 yen). If a marriage partner is found, the charge jumps to 8000 dollars (about 870,000 yen).

And Caroline Grillot, who studies marriage immigration, says that more than Russians are Vietnamese brides over China. In the border areas of southern China, marriage immigrants have come to be seen from around 20 years ago, and as of 2018 it seems that there are quite a number of bride candidates.

Vietnamese women are less demanding than Chinese women and tend to emphasize the value of traditional family members. According to Grillot, Vietnamese women are required to have white skin, big eyes, thin waist, and contrary to what the Vietnamese women want from their husbands is not just a role of "wallet" but rather a worker who is weighted by family members It is said to be "compatriots" to put.

The popularity of Vietnamese brides can be understood by looking at the service "" that matches Vietnamese women to Chinese men. also offers refund guarantee when the bride is not a virgin, and exchange service when the bride escapes within a year.

Besides this, from Myanmar and Laos, some women come in seeking the bridegroom in Yunnan Province in southern China. Because Yunnan Province has many relatively poor areas and women in the countryside move to the central city urban area seeking a wealthier man, women in Laos and Myanmar seem to be brides in the form of replacing these women .


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