What is the "second most used language" in countries around the world?

It is possible to imagine what the language most used for each country is, such as "Japanese", as well as the language most used in Japan, "English" in the United States and "French" in France However, when asked, "What is the second most used language in Japan?" "What language is the second used in Spain?" Surprisingly answers are difficult. Infographic "Second Languages ​​Around the World"Will tell you the unknown actual state of such language.

Interesting Map of Second Languages ​​- MoveHub

Infographics showing "the second language of the country of the world" is kore. It is color-coded for each language, so you can see that the part of Japan is painted yellow different from the others.

With Europe like this up, it seems obvious that the second language of Britain is Polish, France is English, Spanish is Catalan, and so on. The second language of RussiaTatar.

In North America, Canada is French and America is Spanish. Mexico's "Nahuatl" is used by an estimated 1.5 million Nawa peopleNahuatl.

Spanish for Brazil in South America, English for Chile and Italian for Argentina, and across Ecuador, Peru and BoliviaQuechuaThere is distribution.

Central America was influenced by FrenchCreole languageYaPatois(Country languages), Patwa based on English is used, and traces that were influenced by Western powers of Europe and America are felt.

Africa, India = European language and Afro-Arabic language, andKoe familyWhenSandaweThe aspect that is divided into "Ko · Sandawe language" consisting of such as.

In the Eurasian continent and the Oceania region, which is eastern to central Europe, the Indo-European languages ​​account for the majority in the west. The second language of China is Cantonese, and Japan painted yellowKorean language. Southeast Asia is centered in English and Australia is defined as the official language of ChineseMandarin(Normal talk) has become.

The proportion of each language is 55% for English, 14% for French and 13% for Russian, followed by Spanish, Creole, Arabic, Kurdish, and so on.

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