Just astronomical figures, inflation of $ 1 = approximately 4 trillion Zimbabwe Dollar

The annual inflation rate reached 2.2 million%In July of this year, "100 billion Zimbabwe Dollar Tickets" appearedIt is Zimbabwe, but since three months have elapsed since then, it is said that one dollar has finally reached about 4 trillion Zimbabwe dollars.

It seems infrequently seen inflation in history, but what about it? Looking at the state of fluctuation actually in the graph, it seems to be outrageous.

Details are as follows.

According to "Old Mutual Implied Rate (OMIR)" based on the relative value of the shares of London and Zimbabwe's stock exchanges, the current dollar is likely to be 3 trillion 949.8 billion 705 million 674 Zimbabwe dollars.

Graph for the past 14 days. The digits are growing in just 14 days.

Graphs over the past 6 months. The graphs are running up with the momentum of impacting heaven since entering in October.

IncidentallyAccording to Wikipedia, Zimbabwe will make 1000 Zimbabwe Dollars 1 Zimbabwe Dollar on August 1, 2006 "Denomination (denomi)In addition, since August 1 this year, a denomi that makes 10 billion Zimbabwe dollars to 1 Zimbabwe dollar is taking place, the present 1 Zimbabwe dollar is equivalent to 10 trillion Zimbabwe dollar As you know, it seems like you will get distracted if you try to convert one dollar to the former Zimbabwe dollar ....

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