The selling price of HDD of 2 TB further falls and approaches more popular price zone

2 TB HDD has fallen to about half of the initial priceWe announced in September, but it became clear that the price drop continued further.

It is a 2 TB model that can not deny that there is still a sense of overcrowding, but it is closer to the more popular price range.

Details are as below.
Price .com - HGST HDS722020ALA330 (2TB SATA300 7200) Price comparison

Major price comparison site "Price .com"As of 14:30 on October 10, 2TB model HDD" HDS 722020 ALA 330 "manufactured by Hitachi is sold for 10,680 yen.

IncidentallyThe 2 TB HDD which was the cheapest as of September 23 was "WD 20 EADS" made by WESTERN DIGITALAnd, although the selling price was 18,969 yen, it has declined about 2000 yen in just two weeks.

The price change history is like this. It has declined twice consecutively in late September and early October, and the total price drops to about 4000 yen.

Price .com - HGST HDS 722020ALA 330 (2TB SATA300 7200) Price change history

By the way, currently the most affordable HDDSamsung 1.5 TB model "HD 154 UI" sold at 9669 yen at 14:30 on October 10And, considering that the unit price per 1 GB is 6.4 yen, it seems that the Hitachi 2TB model "HDS 722020 ALA 330" with a unit price per 1 GB of 8.5 yen still has a bad amount, but the price move towards the year-end shopping bout You want to pay attention to.

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