Finally the 1.5 TB HDD is the best deal, the main unit price is before 10,000 yen break

In the past GIGAZINE the unit price per 1GB was the cheapest, it was a bargainThe HDD of 1 TB model broke down the 7000 yen range and it entered the 6000 yen rangeI informed you that this time it became clear that the unit price per 1 GB of the 1.5 TB model fell below the 1 TB model and became the most affordable.

Also, the main unit price has also been reduced to 10,000 yen before the break.

Details are as below.
Price .com - Samsung HD 154UI (1.5TB SATA300 5400) Price comparison

Major price comparison site "Price .com"As of July 5, 2009 23:30, Samsung's 1.5 TB model HDD" HD 154 UI "is sold for 12 280 yen.

The price fluctuation graph looks something like this. Since the main unit price of "HD 154 UI" has fallen by about 1000 yen compared with two months ago, it seems that we can expect 10,000 yen crack before it is not far.

By the way, the unit price per 1GB of "HD154UI" is 6.85 yen, and as of July 5, 2009 at 23:30 on 2009, the cheapest 1 TB model HDD sold at 6948 yen is Hitachi made "HDT 721010 SLA 360"It is less than 6.95 yen which is the unit price per 1 GB of"

Although it is a 1.5 TB model HDD made by another company, Seagate made"ST31500541AS" is 12,337 yen, Made by Western Digital"WD 15 EADS" is 15,540 yen, It seems that it will not be possible to purchase the 1.5 TB model of each manufacturer for around 10,000 yen.

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