The 3 TB HDD cracked 10,000 yen, it decreased to nearly one third in half a year

A HDD of 3 TB model was released around November last year but it became clear that the sale price finally fell below 10,000 yen now after about half a year from the release.

Compared to the currently cheapest 2 TB model, the 3 TB model was very expensive, but the price per 1 GB is approaching the 2 TB model due to a significant price drop.

Details are as below.
Price .com - WESTERN DIGITAL WD30EZRX [3TB SATA600] Price comparison

According to the major price information site "price .com", 3 Digital TD model HDD made by Western Digital Inc.WD 30 EZRXAs of 23:45 on June 10, 2011, it is sold for 9960 yen.

Price variation graph. Prices have sharply declined since June, cutting in 10,000 yen. The first 3TB model in Japan was "WD30EZRSDTL" made by the same Western Digital company, but since the price at mid-November 2010, which was released, was 27,800 yen, the 3 TB model is about half a year It has declined to nearly one third.

As of June 10, 2011, 23:45, the most inexpensive HDD is the Western Digital 2TB model "WD 20 EARS (5880 yen)"Although the unit price per 1 GB is 2.94 yen, since" WD 30 EZRX "is close to 3.32 yen per 1 GB, it is not likely to keep an eye on the future price trends.

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