An unexpected ambush, a 2.5 TB model jumps in "the best bargain HDD"

Although the HDD market continues to drop overall, recentlyIt fell below 6000 yen in March.HDD of 2 TB model is "the best bargain HDD" with the lowest unit price per 1 GB,It fell below 10,000 yen in June.The HDD of 3 TB model was appearing in a gradual approach.

However, it turned out that the 2.5 TB model that appeared in such a moment overturned the force figure and went on to the most affordable HDD.

Price .com - WESTERN DIGITAL WD25EZRS [2.5TB SATA 300] Price comparison

According to the major price information site "", as of July 17th at 22:35, Western Digital 2.5TB model HDD "WD25EZRS" is sold for 6780 yen,The unit price per 1 GB is 2.71 yen, the most affordable among all HDDsIt has become.

The price fluctuation graph looks something like this. The lowest price was lower than 7000 yen from the beginning when it was released in early July.

By the way, as of 22:35 on July 17th, the lowest price of the 2 TB model is "Western Digital made"WD 20 EARX (5749 yen)", The unit price per 1 GB is 2.87 yen, the lowest price of 3 TB model is the same Western Digital"WD30EZRX (9280 yen)", And the unit price per 1 GB is 3.09 yen.

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