It sounds like a person is talking really though it is only a piano sound, a phenomenal talking piano movie

Although speaking talking piano, even though the voice comes out from the speaker, not only the musical scale of the human conversation is reproduced, but the complex distributed chords of the acoustic piano played by computer control can be heard like a human voice It is an amazing movie.

This is an Austrian cultural organizationWien ModernAnd the composerPeter AblingerIt was a project by Mr. Okayama, held from October 2nd in VeniceWorld Venice Forum 2009And the piano read "Proclamation of the European Environmental Criminal Court" (Declaration on eradication of European environmental crime).

Details are as below.YouTube - Speaking Piano - Now with (somewhat decent) captions!

Narration is in German, but the piano talks in English. Video has subtitles in English.

With no subtitles you may not know what you are saying at the beginning. It seems to me that the alien is saying "Wallehare ... ..." in SF movies.

But when I see the subtitles, I hear it speaking properly. It does not mean that people are reading it on the piano, it is only the sound of the piano.

By the way, we declare that we are all responsible: educators, politicians, social organisations ... (Educator, politician, social organization ... we all assume responsibility) "" For saving and protecting our mother Earth ( To save and defend the Mother Earth) "I am saying.

Wien ModernDoge's PalaceAmbitionary goal of communicating a message to the audience by musical means rather than a simple method (such as a song), one of cultural groups that was asked to contribute artistically to the World Venice Forum 2009 held in. I achieved it perfectly.

Director of Wien ModernBerno PolzerMr. "Sometimes" bridging "happens when listening to sounds that are not ordinary music, but also languages.If you personally do not think that you can hear every single word without text, when you see subtitles, Eureka! (ArchimedesWhen I took a bath, the moment of "Greek word meaning" I found out! "Said to have shouted at the moment he noticed that his water level rises by the volume of himself has come, he can suddenly hear as a conversation It will become like it. "

Miro Markus, a primary school student in Berlin, was responsible for the recitation of the piano performance.

RecitedFrequency spectrum"Music score" for piano was created.

Composer Peter Ablinger. "This phonograph is analyzed, that is, something that you recorded - - in this case it is a sound --- (if you explain it by replacing it with an image) it breaks down to individual pixels If you have a considerable high resolution Rendering (playing) it with high resolving power --- This resolution can only be obtained with the automatic piano --- if you can, it can be reproduced smoothly one after another, If you get used to it, or with the help of subtitles, we can hear the human voice in the sound of the piano. "

At the end of the statement is concluded that "And we proclaim that another world is possible (we declare that the new world is possible)".

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