Beyond trillion, to "Kyo", 1 dollar crossed 2 Kjimbabwe · dollar

At the end of October at GIGAZINEDue to lack of inflation, one dollar reached about 4 trillion Zimbabwe dollarsI told you that, in less than two weeks, it became clear that 1 dollar reached about 2 Zimbabwe Dollar.

Already twoDenomiDespite Zimbabwe Dollar = 10 trillion old Zimbabwe dollar, although unprecedented inflation continues, Zimbabwe is, but how far is inflation going on?

Details are as follows.
OMIR | Z $ to US $ 1.00

According to "Old Mutual Implied Rate (OMIR)" based on the relative value of the shares of stock exchanges in London and Zimbabwe, currently one dollar will be 2,101,013,339,393,2100 Zimbabwe dollars.

This is the graph for the past 14 days. I'm running straight ahead as if led by something.

Graph at the time of picking up at GIGAZINE on October 31st. The number of digits on the vertical axis is great.

It seems wonderful that the monetary economy is no longer established, but of course there will be some fundamental measures or denominations of the number of digits to be seen for the first time in the history of mankind.

Also, if you convert the current Zimbabwe Dollar to Zimbabwe Dollar before Denomi,22 堕 4101 予 (103 (103) 103 垓 9302 1000 1000 trillion former former Zimbabwe DollarIt seems to be. What is this ...?

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