Wikipedia deletes inconvenient descriptions concerning specific parliamentarians at once, editing from within the House of Representatives

Currently, several lawmakers including Democratic lawmakersMLM (Multilevel Marketing Transaction, Network Business)The Diet has been shaking due to problems that received donations from vendorsMaeda Yuyoshi House of Representatives took the responsibility of receiving a lecture fee from a multimarker company who received a business suspension order from a political organization whose representatives serve as a member of the House of Representatives and left the Democratic PartyHowever, it was revealed that unnatural editing is being done, such as some incorrect description of Wikipedia related to this case being deleted by someone.

Also, it seems that editing was done from inside the House of Representatives.

Details are as follows.
Posting record of - Wikipedia

According to the editing history of Wikipedia, Wikipedia was edited 7 times by IP address "" from 7:51 to 7:57 on October 10, 2008 (Fri), and some pages are contents Has been made blank.

The edited items and editing contents are as follows.

Network business - Wikipedia

Edit contents:Mr. Yukichi Maeda, a member of the House of Representatives of the Democratic Party of Japan, Kenji Matsuki, Kenji Yamaoka, Mr. Shinpei Matsushita, an independent Upper House Councilor,Network Business Promotion FederationDeleted description about.

Maeda Yuichi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Edit contents:Content on Mr. Yukeyoshi Maeda's book "Network business to be next generation" and "Parliamentary League for nurturing sound network business"The description on the" Network Business Promotion Federation "etc. was entirely deleted.

Hirohisa Fujii - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Edit contents:Removed that Mr. Hirohisa Fujii is the chairman of the Federation of Parliamentarians for the sound development of multilevel sales transactions.

Hirohisa Fujii - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Edit contents:Removed from Mr. Hirohisa Fujii that he is the president of "Parliamentarian Federation Fostering a Healthy Network Business."

Network Business Promotion Federation - Wikipedia

Edit contents:Mr. Yukichi Maeda served as an advisor and delegation that the "Network Business Promotion Federation" where Democratic Party Ichi Ishii served as Honorary Chairman had a deep involvement with "Parliamentarian Association for Fostering a Healthy Network Business" was deleted.

Yamaoka Kenji - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Edit contents:Deleted that the current president of "Parliamentarian Federation of Healthy Network Business" is Mr. Hirohisa Fujii.

Parliamentarians Fostering a Sound Network Business - Wikipedia

Edit contents:Blank page. It was not there.

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