A service to clean politicians' reputation on the web has appeared, and free "Web body examination" also

Service to remove malicious reviews on Amazon.co.jpYaService for forcibly deleting 2 chan's posts and identifying individuals who wrote in one million yenHave appeared, but those that can be said to be versions for these politicians appeared.

The contents of the service is a non-display process of a site posting bad reputation and remark content from politician's current reputation survey, furthermore, deletion of negative words from prediction candidates of search words, and a detailed remedy is not specified clearly Even thoroughly. "The importance of risk management on the Internet is increasing as the elections are about to be lifted," but is it a monumental content or a criticism from a voter? Is it judging properly?

Details are as below.If you are against slander defense for politicians Eltez

Release information on "El Tec Co., Ltd." which operates the service. "Web physical examination" is skillfully being used as hearing "Web physical examination is finished?" When I searched for "Web physical examination", the release of this service fills the entire page of the search result with the momentum It was displayed. Also, when I looked at the company profile, the political parties, the opposition parties, major advertising agencies, etc. had a lot of names in their business results, but is that a company with a proven track record and reliability?

At the beginning of the introduction page is the letter "Please leave it if it is measures against harmful rumors before the election!"

The service is performed mainly through three steps until the voting day.

Step 1 means "survey / analysis", it seems that we will identify sites that are poorly reputed and sites of supporters from the current search results. Also,ReviewIt is a place to wonder what kind of review will be done by doing also.

And in Step 2, it seems to make the site which displays the bad reputation which was washed out in 1 be displayed in the lower part of the search result, and on the contrary it seems to operate so as to display the supporter 's site in the upper place. "Kanzakiin the websiteCreateIt also seems to be working on launching the supporter site in some form.

In Step 3, it seems to monitor the search result and report it to the client so that the "countermeasure" that has been done so far will have much better effect. Also, if political activities on the Web are accepted by the amendment of the law, measures will be taken to deal with it. In this way, by actively displaying clean information until the vote date, it seems that we will realize an increase in popularity and an increase in supporters.

From this point on, the features of the service are introduced. By visually checking the search results by personal name, there are first reports in two weeks after placing orders, and it seems that reports will be carried out every other week thereafter. In this example, "accusation system blog", "opposition campaign monster book blog", "former supporters' harassment" seem to be a problem to be solved, but why accusations and monologues can be arranged in the same line?

By doing "non-display of bad reviews site", the contents are "Removing supporters by lowering bad reviews sites like conflicting crowds displayed when searching by personal name and monster books from that supporter, To minimize ". It seems that it is aimed at giving voters a clean impression. By the way, how do you "repel" it?

"Related word deletion" seems to operate so that negative words do not appear in search word prediction function of search engine. "This will reduce the opportunity to view extra information when a potential supporter searches (increased supporters!)", But it is said that a word related to bad reputation is "unnecessary information" I feel dangerous where I've done it.

It is said that it is doing slander slander diagnosis for free, and it may be this that "web physical examination" that matched the release content is this. Because there is a trend that the Internet will be used in elections in the future, reputation on the Web is a matter of concern,Records of academic record spoofs are summarized in Wikipedia etc.It seems that excessive information manipulation would rather be fatal, as it is something.

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