In response to the "limit" of Xbox 360, multi-platform games cut content considerably, image quality also deteriorated

It seems that the creator of the game which is deployed on multiple platforms of Xbox 360, PS 3, PC revealed that it had to cut the content of the game greatly, receiving the big "limit" in Xbox 360. And it cuts content not only for Xbox 360 version, but also PS 3 version, PC version.

Although it seems that there is not much problem in terms of performance, it is Xbox 360, but what kind of "limits" existed exactly?

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Details are as follows.
Rage Held Back By Xbox 360's Limits

According to this article, Tim Willits, who is the developer of game software called "RAGE" for Xbox 360, PS 3, PC scheduled to be released soon, will receive the "limit" of Xbox 360, He said that he told me he cut it.

This is "RAGE".

Mr. Willits said that "limit" is the amount of data of the game, there is no restriction on the PC, since PS 3 adopts Blu-ray as the recording medium, about 25 GB (in the case of a single layer disc) On the other hand, since Xbox 360 employs a DVD, since it can only be used up to about 6 to 8 GB (in the case of a dual layer disc), the content of the game so that it can be contained in two DVDs It is said that it cuts.

Specifically, it is to reduce the number of stages set in wasteland originally planned to two, and this seems to affect the contents of the game itself. Please note that this change will be applied not only to the Xbox 360 version but also to the PS 3 version and PC version.

Denial of Blu-ray on Xbox 360Although it is Microsoft, the title for PS 3 "Metal Gear Solid 4Does some measure in the future for increasing game data, as the data volume reaches about 50 GB, full utilization of the dual-layer Blu-ray Disc?

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According to the following link, because it is necessary to raise the compression rate so that it fits in 2 DVDs, the image quality of Xbox 360 version seems to be degraded compared with PS 3 or PC version.

And, as a background that must be accommodated in two DVDs, if you change from 2 DVD set to 3 set, the royalty paid to Microsoft will jump up to a negligible level.

Rage Will Look Worse on 360 Due to Compression; Doom 4 and Rage Not Likely for Digital Distribution

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According to the link below, Mr. Willits summarized the five or six stages that were originally planned to prepare for the article "This game has been cut according to the limit of Xbox 360" in two larger stages It seems that he gave a comment saying that the content was not cut by itself. And you can play comfortably on the Xbox 360 version too.

In other words, does it mean that it has become a size enough to fit even two DVDs ...?

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