Region of the Mos Burger · Time Limited New Product "Mushroom Burger" Taste Review

Mos burger from September 12New product "Mushroom Burger" for regions and periods onlyAs I had released, I went to buy it at once and tried it.

"Mushroom burger" is sold in Toyama prefecture, Gifu prefecture, Aichi prefecture and western areas, in "Tokyo, Kanagawa prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture, Nagano prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture," southern part burger from Iwate prefecture ", others "Black pig Menchkatsu burger of Miyazaki prefecture" will be released in East Japan · Tohoku · Hokkaido.

Details are as below.
MOS BURGER [Moss' s mushroom campaign]

I bought it with a dash so it's still funny.

"Mushroom" for Mushroom Burger and W Mushroom Burger, "Mushroom Cheese" tape for Mushroom Cheese Burger and W Mushroom Cheese Burger. According to a clerk, it seems that one tape is normal, and two tapes are double.

So this is Mushroom Burger. The buns are shaped quite plumpy.

There is a mushroom on the patties quite a lot.

Mushrooms are on the same way for cheese, but maybe it was better not to peel off because the buns and patties stick together with cheese. ,

W Mushroom Burger feels like a bump.

There is plenty of sauce and the onion is likely to spill.

This is W mushroom Cheeseburger.

Like a product image mushrooms are contained in a large amount, it has been seasoned like a Japanese-style mushroom pasta. This time I went to the afternoon just so it was because all the patties were sold out at the time of ordering, because the burger that was made was filled with hot patties, the compatibility of juicy gravy and mushroom sauce was outstanding. In addition, the onion slice onion was delicious and I wanted a burger that could taste this texture as crisp.

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