Eastern State Prison that appears to be in horror movies

It is a picture of a prison that was used until 1970 in Philadelphia, USA. It seems that it is now possible to see the inside of the building by sightseeing tourism, the theater versionIt comes out also in "Transformer 2"Although it seems to be a schedule, the walls and equipment's rasp bolstering is terrible, it has become a scary atmosphere to the extent that there are rumors that ghosts come out.

Details are as below.Flickr: Curious Expeditions' Photostream

Appearance like a castle.

A room that is still ragged.

It is a corridor on the second floor where something is about to emerge.

shower room.

Button for death row prison cell.

A barber shop in the prison.

Ceiling which is likely to collapse.

A loophole dug in 1930.

A bare bed occupies most of the room.

Mini model of prison. You can monitor radially divided cells from the center.

A cell that seems to last forever.

Al CaponeThere was room that it was. Only here is gorgeous here.

Eastern State Prison in the movie.
YouTube - Night Visitors: Eastern State Penitentiary

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