What is a prison that was never used before being sold in general?

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Maltonoma County, Oregon, USA, was completed but never usedWapato PrisonWe announced the intention to sell the official buyer on the Internet. The recruitment has already ended, but in the document released by Martonoma County there is details such as the price of Wapat prison and the state of the inside.

Multnomah County

Want to buy a jail, never used? Submit your proposal for Portland's Wapato by June 4 | OregonLive.com

Martonoma County built a Wapato prison with 525 beds in 1996 to cope with the increasing problem of arresting detention. However, prisons will not be operated immediately after completion but will be left for a while. And the number of offenders sharply decreases while looking at the time of operation, and it seems that Wapato prison no longer needs to operate substantially.

Martonoma County tried to use Wapat prison, which was no longer used as a prison, in search of uses other than prisons, but due to contract it was not allowed to use other than prisons and was left unused by anyone It will become. It was during the early 2014 that Wapato Prison, which was to be left for a long time, began to turn into a turning point. A bill to abolish the restriction on the use of Wapat Prison in Oregon State was passed, and Martonoma County decided to sell the prison. Although there are some problems remaining in the sale, Martonoma County officially recruited buyers to disclose the details of the prison on the Internet.

Prison sold price seems to be determined by negotiations with buyers, but Oregon state news siteOregonLiveAccording to estimates based on the annual maintenance cost of about 300 thousand dollars (about 30.7 million yen), the construction cost for the Wapato prison is about 58 million dollars (about 6 billion yen), probably about 40 million dollars ( About 4.1 billion yen) that is expected to be settled.

Wapat prison actually put out for sale. The site area is approximately 73,831 square meters, and the prison itself is 15,546 square meters. Because the prison is located in the industrial area, it seems not to be suitable for living. In the building, the bed and pillow which the prisoner was supposed to rest the body are left as new, and this is also transferred to the purchaser as it is.

I do not know which part of the prison the following images hit but the preservation state is good.

Elevator and wonderful facilities. Naturally, facilities are made sturdy.

The facility which looks like the visiting room is pretty beautiful.

A fence is stretched around the vast site, and it prevents intruders from the surroundings. Of course, it also has the effect of preventing fugitives from inside.

Almost no vegetation grows on the premises. You can eat rice while watching the blue sky, enjoy baseball and soccer and enjoy it.

Article Writing Currently, recruitment for prison buyers has ended, but Maltonoma County has not announced any details about the buyer who has applied. There are cases in the world that made a hotel a prison, but what kind of people are buying a prison and worried about what the prison will be used for in the future.

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