A movie depicting a couple challenging an underground casino to pay high school expenses of their daughter's university "The House"

Family students with annual income less than 15 million yen have tuition feesAlthough there are universities where there is a program to become, in general I think to graduate from a prestigious American schoolTens of millions of yenIt will take. With such a background, the movie that parents who realized that parents who realized that "My daughter passed the university, but there is not enough money to let you go ..." will try to create money by hand to underground casino managementThe House"is.

"The House" Official Trailer - YouTube

On the PC is a mail inbox.

"I do not want to click ... ...!" Although it is a girl who says, clicking on the attachment file of the mail ... ...

The word "Welcome to Buckley University!" It was an e-mail asking for acceptance or rejection of the university.

Family of great excitement.

Father who takes off.

Actually I was stocking my daughter 's university T - shirt.

I am reluctant to rejoice with joy.

"When I became a father, I decided to support my daughter to chase my dreams," a monologue entered, and a family embracing embrace.

Congratulations congratulations party was held.

Meanwhile, the word "Total money is not enough for you" told the bank staff for a long time.

"But here you are saying" You have $ 400,000. "You are overlooking."

"It means" You401kThere is an account "

My daughter Alex noticed that I can not go to college because I do not have money.

My parents headed for "What should I do?" ......

In the old building. A man who came out of the door says, "I will earn my 4-year tuition fee in a month."

Set a casino table in the house.

Roulette will be prepared ... ...

Do not see the inside in the curtain.

Apparently, they seem to have planned to earn daughter's tuition by lending hands to underground casino management.

Listen to the explanation, to the father who claims "There is no choice but to undertake the underground casino ..."

"Time for mathematics, when is you 40 years old, when you enter prison for 20 years, when will it come out?"


Although it is only two people left with anxiety, to eventually participate in the management of the underground casino. The casino looks like a typical house, but ...

There is a betting place there. There is a nail salon and massage, and casinos like Las Vegas are quietly reproduced in the residential area.

As I go up the stairs with men ......

There was a room that seemed like a strip.

There is a party like a beach resort in the garden.

Before the mother indicated ......

Boy DJ until.

And the two to the world of underground casino ... ....

However, she seems to be secret to her daughter Alex, she is lying, "Mother is working late." When Alex says, "It is a lie but ... ...." My father "I love you, I am proud ... ...."

"But shut up."

Not only for a casino a gorgeous meal ......

Fight clubs too.

It is the state of a mother 's friend who fights.

Although it is a fight club unfolded among ordinary families ... ...

The battle was real.

The appearance of a person who seems to be a large person ... ...

The flamethrower is also an ant.

And I found a cheek.

Though I took a cheap person ......

A man who provokes that "you can do what you can do".

My father takes Ono in hand ......

I will not laugh at others.

"I will do!" "I will do!"

I inadvertently shook down ono.

The House is scheduled to be released in the United States on June 30, 2017 (Fri), and the date of publication in Japan is undecided at the time of writing the article.

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