I tried comparing the head family Pon de Ring with other Pon de Ring Modki

Mr. Donut's "Pon de RingSpeaking of which is very famous for its mouthfeel texture, there was something like Pon de Ring Modki, which looked like something like a convenience store in the neighborhood and a bakery. I was wondering how close the texture is like, so I bought it and tried to eat and compare it.

Is there anything that can overcome the head Pon de Ring? Or does the head Pon de Ring defend his throne?

The comparison result is from the following.
This is Mr. Donut's "Pon de Ring", 126 yen.

The lightest texture eaten compared this time. That rich moist feeling is certainly amazing with that lightness.

Next is a neighborhood baker 'A conservoCrinkle donut (glaze), 130 yen.

It looks pretty much the same. It is a level that can not be distinguished from it. However, the taste is more sweet and tasty. Overall, "Pon de Ring" is more complete. However, this was influenced considerably by the baked condition of the day, and the thing which I ate the day before was tremendous elasticity.

Yamazaki made bread "Mitchring" (milk chocolate), 125 yen.

Even though it seems similar, it has a distinctive shape. Level that Bukkake, Pon de Ring and Crinkle donuts are too high to reach their feet.

Also Yamazaki Bread's "Matchling" (mango chocolate), 125 yen.

When I was at a convenience store shelf, it seemed exactly like it, but it does not look very similar when I do it like this

So, I put them side by side.

Left is Pon de Ring, right is Crinkle Donut

The cross section of Pon de Ring looks like this. It seems to be sky-finished.

Crinkle donuts are sparingly ordered and packed density. I do not know why, it's heavy. Feeling coming along.

Looking at the cross section of the moch ring is quite rough.

So, the difference between the head Pon de Ring and the Crinkle donut was slight, but the touching was feeling far far. I am surprised because it does not resemble surprisingly.

By the way, "Pon de Ring" is said to be made by modeling popular cheese bread, "Pon de casio" in Brazil according to the explanation of the official website. This is a resilient, single-sized bread with cheese added to manjoka potatoes that can be taken in Brazil. It seems that the texture is reproduced.

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