An angler who caught himself, an X-ray shows a thread and a weight

An angler who tried to catch a carp in a pond near his home pulled out trying to remove the string that was hooked on the tree, and the weight that the slippy coming out struck directly and got inside the body.

In the X - ray photograph taken at the hospital, it seems that the state that the fishing line enters into the body.

Details are as below.Angler Peter Inskip from Uxbridge catches himself with his own hook and line in freak fishing accident | The Sun | News

Peter Inskip, age 42, said he tried to fish and hooked the thread behind the tree when he struck the pole. Mr. Inskip managed to remove the thread somehow and pulled with the force, the freed weight hit Mr. Inskip like a bullet hit in his body.

The emergency personnel who came running to Mr. Inskip cut the thread coming out of the vacant hole and brought it to the hospital. Until this time, it seems that the rod was connected to the thread inside the body, "Fishing yourself was a very strange feeling," Inskip says.

Fishing line and shadow weight are in the radiograph taken. The weight is cut open and taken out, it seems that the throat has been sewn with 6 stitches.

Because fishing line was not damaging important blood vessels and trachea, bleeding was small, Mr. Inskip decided to take up the longevity. When he woke up at a hospital, he said that the doctor told that he was a miracle.

Although it is quite a painful accident, Mr. Inskip does not seem to be going to quit fishing, and he is planning fishing immediately after discharge. "It seems that big fish are going to catch up again this time," Inskip said.

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