Emulator server for open source free Final Fantasy XI "ProjectXI"

Development was underway on SourceForge since November 2004Final Fantasy XIEmulator server for it, "ProjectXI"is. The language is assumed to be operated in C ++, mainly Windows environment, and the minimum operating environment is 256 MB or more of memory · 2 GHz or more CPU · 100 MB or more of hard disk space is available.

There is not much that we can do yet, but it will be possible to move MMORPG Final Fantasy XI in a standalone environment, so it seems that various kinds of interesting developments can be expected in the future.

Download and seeing how it actually works are as follows.
ProjectXI.org :: A Final Fantasy XI Emulator

SourceForge.net: ProjectXI

The actual operation screen uploaded to the forum of the official site is as follows.

It has been said that the development itself began to become full-scale since 2006, and the developersTo Do ListAccording to the future GM system (to publish your own server, allow the administrator to issue commands such as kick van, ask GM for support) and flagged users and bazaar and It allows you to search for parties, realizes currency in game, exchanges auction house, NPC store, home point, chocobo as NPC, items etc, freely change weather, map function, change BGM, Implementation of abilities and skills for airship boat, NPC, change of parameters of monster, AI to NPC and monster, implementation of magic and skill change, conversation with everyone in a specific area, shout / say, blacklist function, It seems to be possible to chat. It is also assumed to be a large-scale server system, and it seems that we are also planning to operate and cluster with multiple servers. It is quite serious.

In game commands and contents of communication packets, analysis results of client side data files etc are gathered in official wiki.

Main Page - ProjectXI Wiki

List of game commands that can be entered from the console

Structure of communication packet

Standard packet command list

List of data tables such as weapons and various equipment, guild, zone, BGM, monster HP, each quest

Various event IDs already known at this stage

Key item details

As a result of examining what happens when filtering packets

In addition to this server software, MySQL etc. are required for installation, and the procedure is written as follows.

ProjectXI · View topic - ProjectXI Server Operation Guide / FAQ

Below is a movie showing how to actually install and play.

YouTube - FFXI Private Server

Although this server itself is free, it is not possible to connect to the client software that is the source of the connection, unless it has already been charged and has become ready for login. The developer'sFAQAccording to the specification, this is a specification to show that developers are unlikely to interfere with Square Enix's activities by developing this server.

According to the official forum, although development is done in English, there are several staff members who can speak Japanese, and we are planning to develop in various languages ​​including Japanese as well. I am hoping for future development.

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