It falls from the sky above 1,800 meters and miraculously retires the life

A cameraman who was shooting Skydiver documentary movie missed the timing to expand the parachute and collided with the ground, but he seems to have toppled the lost luckily.

This photographer was an expert who skydiving about 2000 times ago since 12 years ago, but I am very concerned about what made a mistake due to what caused it.

Details are from the following.
English skydiver survives 2 km fall after parachute fails /

James Bourle (31) is visiting Russia to film a friend's Sky Diver documentary movie, boards an airplane with a friend to take a picture of where his acquaintance's sky diving is skydiving It seems he was shooting.

If it was true it was supposed to open a parachute with a signal of an acquaintance, but because Burl forgot to signal for an acquaintance, Mr. Boole falls to a snowy mountain at a speed of 160 km / h from a height of 1800 meters above the sky. When people around me rushed to the falling point in a hurry, I found Mr. Boole who was moaning while spitting blood. Mr. Boole seems to have been brought to the hospital soon.

Boule broke ribs, loses 12 teeth, opened a hole in the lung, seems to have been quite seriously injured, but somehow managed to take over the life. It is currently being transferred to a hospital in Moscow, it seems to be recovering smoothly.

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