A brave wife who repelled a tiger attacking her husband with a wooden owner

A brave wife who rescued her husband who was hit by a wild tiger in a jungle of Malaysia with her hair one by one, and rescued it with a wooden egg saw.

The couple was acting differently at the time of the incident, the husband seemed to remain in the village to capture the squirrel, the wife remained in the village, but the wife heard the voice the tiger barked from the direction her husband came , He seems to have divided into the jungle where the wild tiga awaits, with the hand he was at hand at hand without hesitation.

The courageous wife's majesty is from the following.Woman fights off tiger with ladle in Malaysian jungle and saves husband | Mail Online

A brave woman who fought with a wooden egg showed up to save her husband attacked by the tiger in the Malaysian jungle. Han Besau, who found her husband Tambun Gediu (60 years old) to be tied to the tiger, scooped up the "weapon", that is, wooden omelet.

"If the wife did not come, the tiger violently pounded me and it was about to die." The faces of the tiger and the wounds of his legs were operated in the hospital and recovered to some extent So, Tambun replied, The inhabitants of the village of kg Sungai Tiang, 160 miles north of Kuala Lumpur where the couple lives, also praises Gediu as a hero who saved her husband from the edge of death.

At the time of the incident, Mr. Tambun seems to have come across a tiger looking for a prey squirrel for his family's lunch. Tambun talks about the situation at the time as follows.

"When I came across a tiger, I was taking a posture bending to blow up the squirrel that I was chasing with with a blowpipe, just that time, I noticed that I was actually in a position to be pursued from a position to pursue I was trying to escape from the tiger by climbing a tree but I was caught up and I was getting weaker and steadily getting fainter I felt fear and I punched on the face of the tiger with the power I can have as long as I can I did not work at all over there.

If his wife did not come with him, he may have been torn by the tiger 's claws until he died.

Tambun Gediu torn the body with the tiger's claw. A vivid scar is clearly left while treatment.

Surprisingly, Mr. Besau realized that her husband was struggling by listening to the tearing barking voice in the distance. The tiger 's barking voice perceived what he was hearing from the area where his husband was searching for squirrels, she grabbed the hand of the tree in hand and divided it into the forest.

And when I found a husband desperately fighting to prevent attacks of tigers trying to tear the body, she was staring at the sight while feeling horror, but in the next moment he rapped a shouting scream and attacked , I was going to attack the tiger's head all the time with force, and continued attacking until the tiger escaped.

It took quite a while for the emergency team to arrive at the village in the mountains, so seriously injured Tambun had to wait 10 hours before receiving treatment at the nearest town hospital called Gerik, but somehow I was able to take the treatment and receive treatment. Shabrina Mohammad Shariff of the National Parks official said that Tambun will be able to receive financial aid from a special fund aimed at salvaging victims attacked by wild animals.

Even so, Besau who came into the forest without hesitation of the husband's crisis seems to be a hero of the world of fiction, and its bravery is truly astonishing.

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