The crocodile with the tire stuck in the neck for 6 years is finally rescued

It is reported that the Indonesian crocodile, whose motorcycle scrap tires have been stuck in the neck for 6 years, was finally able to have the tires removed. It was the locals who succeeded in the crocodile rescue operation, which American and Australian experts had tried and failed.

Indonesia frees croc from tire stuck on its neck for 6 years | AP News

Indonesia's tyre-bound crocodile finally freed after six years | Reuters

This time, the tire that was stuck on my neck was removed for the first time in 6 years by a female saltwater crocodile that lives in the river of Pal, the capital of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Called the 'buaya kalung ban' by locals, the 4.5-meter-long crocodile has been wild since 2016 when residents witnessed a tire stuck in its neck. Wildlife authorities have been instrumental in the rescue.

by AP Photo / Josua Marunduh

In particular, the tires are getting tighter these days, and he was worried that he might suffocate. In 2020, American wildlife biologist Forest Galante and Australian crocodile capture expert Matthew Wright tried to capture them, but both failed.

Meanwhile, Tiri, who recently moved to this area (whose full name is because there are many people who do not have a surname in Indonesia), listened to the story of this crocodile, which is famous in the neighborhood, and flirted with the tires on. After seeing the crocodile, I decided to rescue him. 'I have a job to catch birds, but I have the skills and experience to catch livestock from cages, so I was confident that I could help the crocodile,' Tiri told The Associated Press. increase.

Tiri, who started the capture operation in this way, set up a rope near the river and set up a trap to lure the crocodile with chickens and ducks. After three weeks and two failures, Tiri finally succeeded in catching the crocodile on February 7. After moving the crocodile to land with two friends, I cut the tire with a saw and rescued it safely.

You can see the rescue situation from the following movie.

Crocodile freed from tire after six years --YouTube

Tiri cut the tire around the crocodile's neck with a saw while the gathered neighbors were shooting with a smartphone. A wooden stick is inserted between the tire and the crocodile, and you can see that care is taken not to damage the crocodile.

Succeeded in removing the tire.

The crocodile, which had been hung on its neck for six years, was returned to the wild with the help of local fire brigades and wildlife conservation groups.

by AP Photo / Josua Marunduh

The Central Sulawesi government has announced that it will give a prize to those who remove the crocodile tires, but Tiri's purpose was not money. 'Many people suspected I wasn't serious, but I couldn't stand seeing the animals hurt, even snakes helped,' Tiri told Reuters. I'll do it. '

by AP Photo / Josua Marunduh

'This success will be a major milestone for Tiri, an animal lover,' said Haruna Hama, director of the Wildlife Conservation Authority in Central Sulawesi. According to him, it is unknown how the tire got caught in the neck of the crocodile. Nature maintenance activists claim that poachers who tried to capture them for pets or peeling and selling were likely deliberately done because of their unsuccessful belly. Even if this is not the case, crocodiles and other aquatic animals often have their tires stuck to reptiles in areas with a lot of garbage.

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