PT 1 tuner for personal computers that can receive up to 4 channels simultaneously for all digital broadcasting appeared

Earth software known as high-definition capture board "PV3" and "PV4" seems to release a three-wave compatible digital tuner "PT1" for personal computers compatible with terrestrial digital broadcasting, BS digital broadcasting, 110 degree digital CS broadcasting.

Also, it is possible to receive 4 channels in total simultaneously.

Details are as follows.
PT1 specification etc.

According to this page, it seems that tuner "PT 1" scheduled to be released is a tuner capable of simultaneous reception of terrestrial digital broadcasting, BS digital broadcasting or 110 degree digital CS broadcasting × 2.

The interface is PCI, and two F type connectors for terrestrial input and satellite input are installed. Supported OS is Windows Vista and Windows XP, the price which is worrisome is 18,800 yen (tax not included).

In addition, the following notice is written, it seems that you can not watch the broadcast with "PT 1" standalone.

This product only has the ability to demodulate broadcast waves.
Broadcast waves are encrypted, so you can not watch the broadcast on this product.

In other words, since it does not have a B-CAS card slot that serves to cancel the encryption of the broadcast wave, it seems that it can not be viewed even if the broadcast wave is received, but it will be possible to view it by using some method Is it a thing?

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