A lot of pictures of people who are renovating the rooftop and making it luxurious in New York

In Tokyo and elsewhere there are plants planted on the roof of the building and trying to prevent global warming, but there seems to be a terrible thing on the roof above the building in New York. There is a rooftop like a resort area, another mansion is built, there are things that make it somewhat unknown what is the rooftop. I shot itJwillyI am worried about how I found out.

The picture taken by Mr. jwilly is as follows. Will it also start at home garden?

It looks like a tropical resort.

The garden is completely completed.

A further mansion stands on the rooftop.

There is something like another facility.

It seems to be a laboratory of something.

You can see another roof from below.
Rich People Rooftops NYC - a set on Flickr

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