Looking from the subjective point of view where you sneak up into various buildings such as the Eiffel Tower

Movie "The Walk"Is based on the true story of Philippe Petiti wearing a wire between the twin towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan and walking over it. As in this petit, there are a lot of people who challenge things others do not fear, James KingstonPOVI took a picture of adventure in various placesPOV Adventures"On YouTube.

For example, this is when I climbed the Eiffel Tower.

Climbing the Eiffel Tower | James Kingston: POV Adventures | - YouTube

Even if you say "climb", it does not go up with the elevator just like the tourists, but rather climbs the framework as it is. The movie starts from a part that advanced to a certain extent.

It is pitch dark and I can not see where there is a scaffold, but perhaps with the naked eye it should look a little better by dark adaptation.

I saw the Shayo Palace in the northwest.

From the middle, I am going up the stairs that are attached to the tower. The observation deck is in three places in the Eiffel Tower, of which it is possible to climb the stairs as well from the bottom down to the second observation platform, so it returned to the regular route so to speak.

However, going up the stairs means that you will naturally hit the observatory.

It is outside business hours, but secretly opening the door ... ....

Invasion. However, I heard back because I heard a voice interacting wirelessly.

A lot of time has passed here, and outside has come out.

This time I did not use the stairs, I started climbing the framework outside the tower.

The streets are absently emerging.

The elevator came up, but the light is not on.

Here again, the picture switches, and the aerial image from the drone.

James who uses self-shooting stick. If I can sit like this, I'm convinced that I made the night.

James who goes to Chiayo Palace again after brightening.

The elevator came up again. It is said that James was arrested after this.

We are also climbing the ruins and Dnipro tower in Kiev Ukraine.

Climbing The Dnipro Towers | James Kingston: POV Adventures | - YouTube

James who are going up from the base of the tower still in the dark.

Unlike the Eiffel Tower, the internal staircase can be used, but it is hardly visible while it is going up.

It is a fine tower, but it is ruins.

Go up to the rooftop and think what to do, go further up.

It points to the roof skeleton of the balcony part.

...... Of course, it will be like this.

Since this framework protrudes to the outside more than the building, it is the ground far below the feet.

Even though, it hangs with one arm.

Sitting and taking a break is also like this. It is not a place to rest very much ....

The tower opposite this seemed to have a higher degree of ruin.

In addition, I am challenging the building under construction in Dubai.

Dangerous building climb in Dubai | James Kingston: POV Adventures | - YouTube

In this movie, I am already in a pretty high place of the building.

But, use a ladder to go up.

Space for air conditioning or space where you do not know how far downstairs is connected.

A car running on a highway under his feet looks pretty small.

James walking on that edge.

There is a crane in the place I looked up.

No doubt, I approached there.

And jumping to the crane.

I climb upwards and steadily.

Further to the tip of the crane. At the lower right is the rooftop of the building standing earlier.

But James' s eyes go further up ... ....

"If you can go up anyway up" you reached the top of the crane.

After this, I got off the crane and climbed the top of the next pillar.

Mr. James sending off the sunset.

Such challenges are distributed on YouTube's "James Kingston" channel.

James Kingston - YouTube

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