5 tips to take photographs and leave good memories of the trip well

Although it is common to photograph the landscape of a destination and leave it in memory, if you can, you also want to keep taking the air feeling, atmosphere, emotions etc at that time and keep it.

So why do you take a good memory to leave memories well, the 5 little tricks are from below. It can also be applied for shooting other than traveling.
The A-B-C-D-E of Travel Photography

· A: Insert "Action" when shooting landscape
Even when photographing landscapes, it is possible to create a sense of scale by adding "what is moving" into them.

· B: Do not place the subject in the middle
this is"Framing"When"One third ruleThat you can use. To put it in easy-to-understand manner, if you take a subject with the subject in the middle, it makes you smell amateur. For example, in the case of the following photos, leaning the left one third by biasing it to the right side keeps the balance of the whole.

· C: Composing a story
It is good to make the photograph itself narrative by making use of patterns · texture · angle · vivid color · position of subject · close-up · framing etc. For example in the picture below the light bulb is made to come over the head, so that the backpack is visible so that the angle of his gaze faces the forehead of the wall.

· D: depth of field
"Depth of fieldTo put things that will be the theme of shooting in the area of ​​". In other words,Sharp shooting distanceBecause there is something called, you put in the shooting range (range) to shoot.

· E: evoke the sense of time and place
A photograph of a trip is for waking up memory of the time and place at that time. For example, the photograph of a nun who is walking in front of the wall below is easy to revive the feeling when he saw it. The length of the shadow represents time, and it becomes easy to understand somewhere in the background scenery etc.

If you keep these five tips in mind, you can take pictures that will remind you of your travel memories vividly when you later see it.

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