Introducing the inside of the unknown LEGO manufacturing factory in the movie

It's a "LEGO" block thought to be able to make all kinds of things, but the state of the interior of the factory producing that lego is introduced in the movie. The appearance of the Lego block produced at 600 pieces per second and the appearance of familiar face of the Lego doll sticking out is a masterpiece.

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Exclusive: Inside the Lego Factory

First of all, this is a warehouse that preserves the plastic that is the raw material for LEGO. 500 meters in total length.

The contents of the silo are granular raw materials and are supplied every 60 tons every 24 hours

It seems that the fragrance of a new lego is already at this stage

The basic color seems to make a new color by mixing at this stage 70 colors in all.

The grain of the raw material collected in this way is sent to the mold factory through an iron pipe

This is the mold room

The mold which was used 5 million times can be replaced.

This is a factory that manufactures blocks using molds

The raw material is heated to 225 degrees, and the plastic melted in this way is poured into the mold.

This type of LEGO block manufactures 600 pieces per second

That is, production of 36,000 pieces per minute

The sensor will automatically sense when the completed Lego block becomes full of boxes, this robot will take it

The box packed with LEGO will be automatically loaded on the belt conveyor like this

It will be carried in such a way. It is moved to the warehouse on the upper stage belt conveyor, and the empty box after the movement is returned to the manufacturing factory on the lower stage belt conveyor.

A box with lego stacked up

The total shelf space is 170 square kilometers, totaling 14250 cubic meters.

There is also a robot that also carries the block box automatically here! Automation of Lego is truly amazing.

Decoration and packaging. Printing processes such as printing faces and drawing maps on parts are also included.

Automatically counts the number needed to fill the package

It is individually divided into bags, put in boxes, completed. It is shipped.

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