"Kitaro's favorite curry" tasting review that sometimes became the No. 1 national retort curry ranking number one

Previously, the eating queenGirl SoneI ate nationwide retort curry and chose itRetort Curry RankingI bought "Kitaro's favorite curry" which I also ranked first in, so I tried it.

Review from below.
Wagyu produced in Tottori prefecture etc used.

467 kcal for one person.

The illustration was not drawn in the retort pack.

Warm it with hot water for about 5 to 6 minutes.

Finished by rice.

The vegetables are not full, but the meat block is big enough. A variety of appliances are melting into the roux itself, and the satisfying feeling is considerably high with a deep flavor. In the retort of those days it is a taste that can not be compare, ranked number one is also convincing taste.

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