CoCo Ichibanya's limited-time product `` Rice curry '' and `` Miso tailored umakoku clam curry '' tasting review

At CoCo Ichibanya, a limited time 'rice curry' was on sale from April 1, so I went to eat immediately. As a new product, 'Miso-tailed Umakoku clam curry' has been available since March, and I had no chance to eat it, so I tried it.

Review is below.
The first one is “

Miso-tailed seafood curry ”. For a limited time until the end of May, it costs 830 yen.

In addition to clams, there are green onions and fries.

And here is '

rice curry '.

You can see the green peas in the grandmother curry I ate before ...

Gaba soy sauce is OK if you like.

That's why curry is in order.

The clam curry has a slightly Japanese flavor, probably because of the miso style. It feels watery rather than curry udon roux, rather than curry rice. The clams are quite light and you should not be dissatisfied with the ingredients. Rice curry tastes similar to the grandmother curry I ate before, and it is slightly spicy. Potatoes and carrots are around and the satisfaction is high. It's a very orthodox taste because it only has a 'new and old taste', but it was like trying to make it yourself if you only spend 730 yen on it.

Usually, this is the place to eat and go home, but this time I tried the challenge of 'all the toppings on Kokoichi curry' which I heard about rumors but did not really want to do.

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I tried a challenge of 'all curry toppings' at CoCo Ichibanya-order--gigazine

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