Introduction of a weekly three-day system finally following the soaring fuel price

It is a long time ago that the worldwide rise in fuel prices has been screamed for a long time, but finally it seems that a weekly three day system was introduced due to the influence.

It is somehow a very envious story, but what exactly is that?

Details are as below.
Energy surge prompts move to 4-day work week in US

According to this article, in order to protect workers as well as employers in response to the soaring fuel price in the United States, it is not "traditional 5-day work in 8 hours a day" but "10 hours a day in a week 4 It is said that an attempt to newly adopt "day labor" has begun.

Already in Birmingham City in Alabama province, from April 1, it will take 4 days a week work for 2,400 staff members of the city, and policies and fire department 1000 people will be introduced by the end of the year.

A city spokesperson can reduce the amount of fuel paid by staff by this attempt by 50 to 1 million dollars a year (about 53.4 million yen to 106.7 million yen), and at the same time can increase the time for staff to face their children So we can reduce the cost of using it for daycare centers.

This trial has also spread to schools and some local governments say that they will take classes 4 days a week, but instead of reducing the number of class days, the number of class hours per day will increase, so that elementary school students There is also a voice saying that the burden is heavy.

In addition, in the United States, in addition to working four days a week, attempts are also being made to join cars at home or commuting, and to introduce fuel-efficient vehicles, but according to the survey company a majority of 23% It seems that the method adopted by the company is 4 days a week.

Since it is a story of America which is a car society to the last, it is questionable whether similar attempts will be made in Japan where the railway network is developing, but it is interesting to see how weekends three days affect lifestyle is not it.

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