Uniforms of girls in Malaysia, a problem by being able to see through

About the school uniform of girls' school in Malaysia, "To be transparentIt seems to have been a problem with that. Let's see what kind of uniform it is.

Details are as below.
School uniform sexy, says group

Malaysian school uniforms for girls not sexy, says education minister - International Herald Tribune

According to this news, the Malaysian National Islamic Student Association criticized that "Because white blouses are too transparent, it causes sexual urge", it is raped because of the sheer appearance, sex It seems that he insisted that the aging of the younger generation will progress.

This is a regular version of uniform

So this is Islam-friendly uniform

"Looking through" seems to assume this kind of feeling

Hishamudin education minister already has "Nothing is sexy. I think the claim that uniforms are the cause of sex crime is unjust"Other statements such as the following also say.

Is the school uniform of a Malaysian girls student sexually? A blond blog

So, what is the same Muslim women thinking about this problem? An organization called Sisters in Islam (SIS), a women's Muslim NGO who claims women's rights based on conservative Islamism, also known for its active voice and behavior towards society, The following comments are issued. "I can not agree with that group's assertion at all, is not it yet satisfying if you just wear a (traditional) Vaju Klong?" This is also negative. For the claim that "White is transparent", "A woman in mourning wears a white Vaijacron, a woman who is a member of the UMN also wears a white Vaju Kron, so what is the problem?" And, it is harsh.

That's why it seems not to be a problem.

In addition, it seems that it was reported on television like this. It does not matter, but the opening is interesting.
YouTube - Pakaian Seragam Sekolah Perempuan Kekal

In addition, you can see the situation inside the school in Malaysia from the following.

Friendster - photos of Qi - frendzzz

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