Limited quantities of Haagen-Dazs sold out on the same day "Heavenly Spoon" Taste Review

On May 9th (Fri), Haagen Dazs released two new products "Heavenly Spoon Darjeeling" and "Heavenly Spoon Cacao". It is a luxury item using carefully selected materials, Darjeeling price is 6000 yen, cacao price is 5000 yen. Moreover, limited quantity sale of 3500 sets, 2500 sets each. In order to know whether it is worth the price so far, I wanted to eat at all, so I purchased it as a result of continuing sticking from 12 o'clock on May 9 when the purchase page of Heavenly Spoon opens I made it.

So, the ice came today today, so I tried it at once. Review from below.
Heavenly Spoon Haagen Dazs

On the day of sale, the site was very heavy and it was hard to go to the purchase page and I was anxious as to whether I could really buy this product, but somehow I reached the order confirmation.

Order complete. Just wait for it to arrive ....

And here we have arrived.

It is definitely a delivery from Haagen Dazs.

This is a set of 6 cacao.

When I cut off the seal of the cardboard, a lid like Styrofoam appeared.

When the lid was removed, huge dry ice was settled. It is dangerous to touch dry ice with bare hands, so be careful when removing it.

It appeared from the bottom of the dry ice box with Haagen Dazs.

Was shipping work so hard that the seal was broken for a moment.

This is cacao.

And Darjeeling.

Haagen-Dazs logo shining brightly.

A booklet like a message card and six ice creams when opening the box.

Finally at hand ....

When I opened the previous booklet, there was a message from Haagen Dazs. Since it is an ice cream, there is no expiration date, but it seems to be good to eat as soon as possible in order not to lose flavor. Also, the spoon was certainly not included.

Darjeeling (left) and cacao (right) have become different booklets properly.

Cacao raw materials etc.

Darjeeling raw materials etc.

I tried stacking it because it was awesome.

I cut the seal of cacao.

Also, I tried opening the seal of Darjeeling. According to the brochure, it is best to leave it in the room before eating and eat it in a state slightly dented when lightly pressing the side of the body.

So, I left it for a while.

Darjeeling became slightly soft ahead of cacao.

I might have put it a bit.

Darjeeling is a taste of tea with a strong sense of milk, and I feel that sweetness spreads in my mouth. Although it is high class ice with 1000 yen per piece, somehow the strong sweetness has become cheesy feeling, the price to be convinced may be about half a price of 500 yen.

On the other hand, cocoa seems to be using rich raw chocolate, it tastes like cacao which is not just a sweetness but a bit sour. It might be a bit disappointing for someone who likes the sweetness of chocolate in board chocolate and so on but it was a taste with a sense of luxury which is conveyed as using a solid material.

In Haagen-Dazs it is planned to continue to serve a heavy spoon in the future, but this time I hope that the purchasing site will be heavy so that the situation can not be bought.

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