Summer time (daylight saving time) system may be introduced in Japan next summer

According to the Asahi Shimbun news report, in the summer we can advance the clock hands one hour earlier "Daylight saving time (daylight saving time)"It seems that it may be introduced in Japan as soon as next year.

It seems to be aimed to increase energy consciousness by suppressing energy consumption, but what about it?

Details are as follows. advance watches 1 hour in summer, submit the LDP, daylight saving time bill - live

According to this article, the Liberal Democratic Party submits a bill to the National Assembly by legislative legislation in order to introduce the "daylight saving time system" which brings back the hands of the clock one hour earlier in the last Sunday of October every year on the last Sunday in October It is said that he decided the policy.

This aim is to promote the use of day and day time by effectively using day and time to suppress energy consumption and to raise awareness of the public to the environment, so that it can be introduced from the summer of next year at the earliest this year It is planned to submit a bill before the extraordinary Diet session in autumn.

In addition, as Democratic lawmakers also participated in the "Federation for promoting daylight saving time system" which had been promoting the introduction of daylight saving time system in 2005, it is thought that it is not a conflict theme between the ruling party and the Democratic Party, I am trying to get it.

By the way, regarding the summer time system, although the introduction was planned last time for the purpose of "the economy will be revitalized", it was the circumstance that it came out again as "environmental problem" this time, When we think about where we are going to earn by introducing this summertime, we can see the back.

For Windows, you can automatically adjust daylight saving time by specifying "Time zone" in "Date and Time Properties" and "Pacific Standard Time", but it is not compatible with Japan time Therefore, it seems that you need to update Windows if daylight saving time is introduced in Japan.

Actually selecting "Pacific Standard Time" on Windows. There is an option "Automatically adjust daylight saving time".

Likewise, the necessity to respond to summer time for all systems comes out, so the possibility that it will take more time and effort than the legislators are thinking is increasing, so if you really think about environmental issues, It is reasonable to say that you should work at 8 AM only during the summer, and finish at 4 PM. "

Also,"When daylight saving time is adopted energy consumption will increase inversely"Research results have also been clarified, and various problems have also been raised on the following pages.

Think about daylight saving time problem

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