Golden week class large consecutive holidays will be born in autumn 2009

According to the 2009 calendar announced by National Astronomical Observatory, the law on public holidays has been revised and it seems that Golden week class large holidays will be born in the fall of 2009 following the fact that it was enforced from last year.

It may be a pleasant thing to say that a large consecutive holiday is born not only in spring but also in autumn.

Details are as follows.
Heisei era 2009 (2009) calendar requirement

According to this page, September 20 (Sun) - September 23 (Wed) seems to be a continuous holiday in 2009 (Heisei 21).

This is because Monday, September 21 is the Senior Citizen 's Day, and Wednesday September 23 (Wednesday) is a national holiday on autumn equinox, so the 22nd (Tuesday)Law on National Public Holidays"The day that the preceding day and the next day are" national holidays "" prescribed in Article 3, paragraph 3 of the same paragraph "applies to the provision of" to be a holiday "and to become a holiday.

Although it is still a long way ago, it seems to be fun if we can bring in a paid vacation and a weekend holiday system to a super-large consecutive holiday successfully.

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