The public holidays will increase by one day in 2009, and in autumn also the large consecutive holidays of the Golden Week class

According to news agency news reports, in 2009 the citizen's public holiday will increase by one day.

Also,A large consecutive holiday of the Golden Week class is supposed to occur also in autumnTherefore, next year I will be able to enjoy a fulfilling vacation.

Details are as follows.
Current affairs dot com: Extraordinary holidays of the Emperor throne 20 years acknowledgment = LDP

According to this article, the cabinet subcommittee of the LDP has accepted the bill today to celebrate November 12, 2009, which is just twenty years from the reign of the Emperor of the Emperor, that the day will be a temporary holiday.

In response to this bill, the Democratic Party and Komeito are planning to complete the procedure inside the party, and it is said that it will be submitted to the current Diet session by legislative legislators.

Since November 12, 2009 is Thursday, basically no consecutive holidays will occur, but if you combine with a two-day weekly holiday system with a paid vacation on Friday the following day, it will be on September 20th (Sunday) ~ In parallel with the large consecutive holidays that occur on Wednesday September 23, it seems to be enjoyable.

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