What happens when a person who takes a drug or drinks a beer approaches a tree?

It is a collection of images that if a drunkard goes by a tree, he will urinate urinating, and if he drinks Viagra, he will be greedy with respect to the tree. At first it is an image to compare variously, but in the latter half I am running to neta.

Details are as below.
LSD vs Alcohol vs Tree | WallOut

LSDI hug it in a tree. I found a hallucinogenic effect of LSDAlbert HoffmanAccording to "It's a fantastic world where the sunlight is abnormally dazzling, the consciousness is blurred, and abnormal shaping and intense color are bent like a kaleidoscope will develop in front of you".

There seems to be such a difference when LSD and alcohol are used. Alcohol is convinced.

When we consume alcohol, the toilet will be close, so I'm sure I will stand as much as urine.

Incidentally, as the amount of alcohol increases, it looks like this.

amphetaminein the case of. In addition to being used for treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder etc., it seems that work with long working hours and people with many repetitive tasks are taking it.

cocainein the case of. As a famous symptom, there is what is called "a sense of dooming" in which insects turn around between the skin and the muscles, is this ...?

Chuck NorrisI will kick a tree to break the tree

NewtonIf you sit under a tree, of course, the apple falls down there.

Schwarzenegger. As it is now California Governor, I heard that such a thing seems to have been done, but if he was an old Shuwa chan, he would throw the log and knock down the enemy.

IKEAThere are many wooden furniture.

matrix. In the real world we do not know, the tree may already have died.

movies"300"From the trailer is also a prominent scene, King of Leonidas" Sparta! "

It looks like a strip show.


Adam and Eve are not you?

MMORPG. I will keep punching the enemies steadily.

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