Finally the 500 GB HDD is broken by 6000 yen, the 1 TB model is half price half a year ago

Previously at GIGAZINEDivide 8000 yen in partIt is a 500 GB HDD that we told you, but finally divided 6000 yen.

Also, the 1 TB HDD is also dividing 15,000 yen,October 2007 divided by 30,000 yenIt is half price compared with.

Details are as below.
TSUKUMO eX. - Bargain Item Information -

According to this page, "Tsukumo eX." In Akihabara is going to do "TSUKUMO eX. 7.5 anniversary thanks sale" on Saturday, April 26, Sunday 27th and Sunday, 29th (fire and congratulation).

Among them, Hitachi's 500 GB HDD "HDP 725050 GLA 360"Is 5980 yen in quantity limitation, 1 TB HDD of WesternDigital"WD 10 EACS"It is said that it will be sold for a limited number of 10,4980 yen. For purchase, a numbered ticket is required.

Although it is a limited special price to the end, a major price information site "Price .com"As of 11:30 on April 25, 2008, you can see that" HDP 725050 GLA 360 "is 8165 yen and" WD 10 EACS "is 17,825 yen, so it is very cheap.

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