Five ways to increase branding effect when advertising on the net

In terms of advertisement on the Internet, unlike ordinary advertisements, click to sleep rate (click rate) and conversion rate (click rate) (click rate) can be measured since it can measure from almost exactly viewed times to clicked times and eventually, The proportion of viewers' actions such as purchasing etc.) tended to pay attention to, but besides that, it has the same branding effect as television commercials (the same effect is also recognized in other mass media It was found that there was an effect by itself).

So we also know that the following five methods are effective for enhancing the branding effect when advertising on the net. Knowledge that is likely to be useful in advertising is as follows.
VRI, goo, Microsoft, Yahoo! JAPAN,
Verify the branding effect of Internet advertisement in joint survey
~ "Establishment of three laws of branding effect by internet advertisement distribution ~"

This is five ways to enhance the effect.

· Rich materials such as sounds and expanding significantly increase advertisement recognition / branding effect
· Using a talent or character greatly increases advertisement recognition / branding effect
· Use of announcement type / campaign site increases advertisement recognition / branding effect
· Not using intros from brand logos etc. will increase branding effect
· Internet advertisement also demonstrates branding effect in new products

In other words, it seems that branding power will increase if it is looking and interesting advertising which is quite straightforward and appealing to users. It is the same as an interesting CM on TV.

For example, in the case of 10 million impressions, it will be as follows.

Number of advertisement perception: 1.3 million
Number of advertisement perceptions who understood the advertisement contents: 62.0%
Product Interest / Number of Voters: 570,000
Product purchase / Number of victims: 380,000

In addition, it seems that there are the following laws, so it is convenient to know.

■ Internet advertising branding effect law
· 29.1% of Internet advertisement advertisers recognized advertisement
· 62.0% of advertisement perceptors understand advertisement contents
· 30.4% of advertisement recipients are bought / used for evacuation
· The advertisement message comprehension of the advertisement advertiser is 1.25 times that of the non-arriving person
· The advertiser's intention to purchase / use intention is 1.15 times that of non-arriving people

■ Internet advertisement frequency frequency law
· Advertising cognition / product recognition / product favorability rises towards the frequency of 12
· 62.0% of advertisement perceptors understand advertisement contents
· Understanding of advertisement message / intention to use the product purchase rise even after frequency frequency 13 times
· Frequency 12 times advertisement reachers are 1.55 times more understanding of messages than non-arriving users, 1.35 times intention to purchase goods

By the way, GIGAZINE is almost similar to the above result.

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