McDonald's releases a limited-time menu "Mc Rap Black Vinegar Chicken"

As it is a limited-time menu of the 'Mac Lap' series, 'Mac Lap Black Vinegar Chicken' seems to be released for 28 days from April 18th (Friday) to May 15th (Thursday).

Details of price and contents are from the following.
A new menu appears from the popular "Mac Lap" series
"Mack wrap black vinegar chicken"
Limited time sale from April 18th (Friday)

"Mack wrap black vinegar chicken" in the new menu seasoned chicken patty with filling based on black vinegar and wrapped it with tortilla with lettuce. It is possible to order in the morning Mac, and the price seems to be between 210 yen and 240 yen. Because it is the price by region, it seems that this place is somewhat ambiguous.

In addition, in the case of the value set in which hash potatoes and drinks S are set, it is between 380 yen and 420 yen, which means only during the morning Mac time zone (5:30 am - 10:30 am).

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