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PC game magazine that will be closed on the end of May "LOGiNIt is said that it will be continued as a web magazine from late May. It is said that there is a high possibility that the web magazine can be read free of charge, but what kind of content will be made is unknown until future announcement. I think that there are many people who were readers since it is a long-time publication magazine, but I wonder what happens after the move to the net.

So, tomorrowApril 16. On April 16th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote the following articles.

Sensual novels in propaganda such as girls' high school students are plagiarism, and the author is a male high school student - GIGAZINE

Commercial shredder that can be completely dismantled even in car - GIGAZINE

A woman whose hair is 2 meters and 42 centimeters - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Fake e-mail that hits the Japanese government, targeting Japanese companies - ITmedia Enterprise(Security, suspicious file "0414.exe" attached)

MS and Yahoo, progress this week due to acquisition problems - analyst forecast news - CNET Japan(Analysts forecast that there is a high possibility of responding to business and acquisition proposals)

Japan_internet_com Web Business - XP censored is fatal to Microsoft(It seems that people not familiar with software, personal computer are just using preinstalled OS)

Google develops search technology to support eradication of child pornography Marketing - CNET Japan(Net, screen child pornographic images and movies)

Mix special effects and voice acting voice to movies - Video sharing service "Sprasia" to public release - CNET Japan(Net service, the appointed voice actor is still unknown)

Slashdot · Japan | MS: Vista's UAC made to frustrate users(Windows, I am irritated surely)

Slashdot · Japan | What command did you get shocked about not being in the recent distribution?(OS, it may be important to unify the environment to some extent)

Slashdot · Japan | The Jury System: SE accepts "refusal"?(Trials, if it is a trouble, does occupation matter so much?

NEC, Linux server domestic shipment for 3 consecutive years Share Top - ITmedia News(Linux, 26.6% on a value basis, 31.6% on a unit basis)

Eyeglass type display, Brother develops image on the retina - ITmedia News(It seems to use hardware, afterimage effect to project video on the retina)

Chinese children, "military exercise" with camouflage clothing | Excite News(I feel that it is slightly difficult in China and Japan)

"Last December execution, 1252 people in 24 countries" News i - TBS video news site(Justice, China is No. 1 with 470 people, secret behind is 6000 people)

"Your number," Mt. Fuji "to appear" News i - TBS video news site(It seems that cars, Yamanashi prefecture and Shizuoka prefecture are straddling, it may be cool)

Hatena Kyoto office, completed - Kossy Memo(Characterized by office, glass partition and Pingpong conference room)

Apologies for some "cryptanaly" new cryptography articles - @ IT(It seems that we plan to have additional interviews with cryptography and experts)

Nutrition drink Contents Replacement Power Disturbance Due to Metropolitan Police Department Investigation Excite News(Note, change to colorless liquid)

H1N1 influenza: Vaccine, 10 million pre-vaccination - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Health, inoculation of 10 million people after 6000 people are inoculated first)

Pitfalls of resolving metabolic disorder! Ear disorders are increasing Excite news(Health, disorder due to loss of fat in ear)

Everyday YOUGI: I tried supplement "game supplement" for game users - ITmedia + D Games(Health, taste seems delicious)

Donbu! News Saint Paul "Puzzle" "Deadly to die" is a big discrepancy turns green(Memo, important to the parties is until it dies)

A man who won 1 billion yen in the lottery three years ago, now without a sentence(Overseas, and even debt)

Majority of Americans Prefer Banknotes from Coins = Survey Excite News(Overseas, 24% of the total desire abolition of 1 cent coins)

CNN_co_jp: Harry Pota author, testimony at an injunction against fansite publication injunction(The content of books and fan sites was published as a publication)

The book that I bought on the net often says that "paper" is caught, but exciting news(There are memos, sending some rewards)

Business Media Makoto: Los Angeles MBA study abroad diary: Will it be charged as a game weapon - the protest site moved EA?(It is painful to have billing items and stages in games, paid games)

Nintendo / SFC / Atari 2600 / mega drive 4in 1 machine Super Genintari - Engadget Japanese(Game, everything is there)

General voting for "Japan Game Award 2008 Yearly Works Division" to decide the best work - Famitsu _ com(Games, voters get gifts by lottery)

Everyday being buried in Digi Mono Mobile gaming machines frequently used by men are "PSP", 1st place "DSLite", 3rd place "DS" ... that?(Game, why some old old model and new model are counted separately)

Game machine ownership survey: 70% of women aged 15 to 29 "I have" top is still PS2 (simple web) - every day jp (Mainichi newspaper)(Ownership rate is higher in game, portable type than portable type)

Two-dimensional space The new number of this term is much like a bath or a milk ○ and many like · · · · · · · · · · · ·.(Anime, with a bath anyway)

Film entertainment record: "Masked Rider Den-O" female popularity and dignified 1st place "Cloverfield" ranked second in April 12, 13 - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Movie, the first time in the series of riders who made the movie twice)

Reason why Dragon Ball could not win Kodansha Manga Award - Chubu 12 years old(Manga, the selection committee holds the comments each time)

Negima : Anime new series is a set by Akamatsu Ken with Produce Comics (Eitan Web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Manga, including from 23 volumes released in August, the price is 3570 yen)

Excursion Shinkansen Rich Sune's husband's "bragging enormous" - bragging from the serif Itinerary Full list -(Note, there are things you can brag about this often)

Painful news (No ∀ `): Mr. Kazuo Masui's" Makoto House ", two complainant residents switched to" pay 100,000 yen a month before removing the outer wall "(Note, not that strange house)

Rie Kugimiya in the environmental CM of Cosmo Oil ... Alfalfa Mosaic(Memo,∞ Bubble wrap Petit MoeBut voice acting voice)

Children's overseas language training cost for summer vacation is over 1 million yen - Ameba News [Ameba news](Memo, go to training to prestigious schools)

Business Media Makoto: Konishi Kensuke's "Think of Customers.": Thinking of New Stores and New Customers - Yoshinoya (Part 1) (1-3)(Food has been selling beef bowls for over 100 years)

CNN_co_jp: World Bank President calls for response to soaring food prices(Food prices, world food prices have increased about twice in the past three years)

CNN_co_jp: Serial Salmonella, 23 people infected(Food, infection from breakfast cereal of Maltomir company)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: ☆ I will overcome the type and try to cook Japanese food(Food, making a terribly fancy meal)

Freshness Burger - Quantity Limited! Spam rice burger appears!(Food, thick cut spam and fried eggs are included)

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