From today, McDonald's introduces price by region, how much did it rise in urban areas?

McDonald's raises the price of goods in urban areas due to soaring labor costs and so on in the region "lower prices"Price by regionThere is a story that we are considering introducing "price today, but from 20 June today the price was officially revised.

As I got into the store at once, 80 yen hamburgers were upgraded to 100 yen Macs, etc. The prices of the items are rising, and I was a little surprised. IncidentallyOfficial website menu listThe price information has already been deleted from.

The details of how much it went up are as follows.
There is a paper in the cash register to inform you that prices have been revised today.

I ordered a bacon lettuce burger and a shrimp flyo value set. Because it made salad instead of potato, it is plus 30 yen, so the set of bacon lettuce burger is 580 yen, the set of shrimp fiereo is 620 yen.

This is the value set of bacon lettuce burger and shrimp firo.

I got a price list for a clerk. The new price is like this. It is said that it varies from city to city, this is Osaka's price. In addition, instead of losing items containing tomatoes such as "bacon lettuce tomato burger", you can now choose whether toppings are topped with bacon lettuce burger at + 40 yen.

The price list as of June 8 isI was on a smile bookmarkAs a result of comparing it, the value set has increased by 30 yen or 40 yen along with the Big Mac set as 60 yen up, and in the single item product, 80 yen hamburger is upgraded to 100 yen MAC, chicken Mac nugget 220 From yen yen to 250 yen, drinks M size is 10 yen, L size is 20 yen up, etc., it is in the shape that the price rises up across the board. However, the price has not been revised for the 100 yen Mac.

By the way, the value set of bacon lettuce burgers and shrimp Fioro ordered were 30 yen and 40 yen, respectively. Depending on the region, it seems to be falling, but I wonder how much it falls.

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