Wireless LAN transmission distance achieves 382 kilometers of world new record

In an experiment connecting two PCs done in Venezuela by wireless LAN, it seems that the transmission distance of 382 kilometers (238 miles) has been realized.

By the way, it was said that the previous record was a successful connection with the balloon which is 310 kilometers away from the ground. It is a story like a lie to those who are having trouble with wireless LAN radio waves in their homes.

Details are as follows.
New Wi-Fi distance record: 382 kilometers | Tech news blog - CNET News.com

According to this article, it seems that we succeeded in connecting two computers in El Aguila and Platillon Mountain in Venezuela via wireless LAN. The distance between the two points is about 382 kilometers, the critical communication speed is 3 Mbps.

In doing this experiment, we are using Intel's wireless LAN technology together with existing parts, and also oriented towards a certain direction for Wi-Fi radio waves, which is omnidirectional in which radio waves spread in every direction It seems that we succeeded in reinforcing the signal by having sex.

According to the following article, the antenna looks like this.

Gadget Lab - Wired Blogs

In addition, Intel is lending power to such experiments and said that it is testing feasibility in Uganda and other emerging countries. Also, in the United States, Intel's Berkeley Laboratories and Sun Microsystems, which are 20 miles away (32 kilometers), are connected by wireless LAN.

I think that it is a wonderful experimental result, apparently the more the things blocking the radio waves, the more the transmission distance will shrink, so it seems to be difficult in Japan.

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I corrected the preface. It was "a balloon that is 310 kilometers away".

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