External terrestrial digital broadcast tuner for personal computer announced, 3 types including for desktop and laptop computer

Previously at GIGAZINE,External terrestrial digital broadcast tuner for personal computers to be banned from sellingWe have informed you today that there was an announcement from IO Data. Three types of models will appear, depending on the PC at home, such as a desktop or laptop computer.

Details are as below.
I · O · data, digital terrestrial capture board for PC to market
~ Lineup of 3 products that enjoy high-vision on PC ~

According to this release, it seems that IO Data has prepared a mass production system for external ground terrestrial digital tuner for personal computers. First of all it is planned to ship the PCI Express x1 compatible model "GV - MVP / HS" for personal computer users.

And by sequentially line up the PCI connection model and the USB 2.0 connection model, we are planning to provide a digital terrestrial viewing environment to a wide range of users from desktops to laptop computers.

By using an external tuner, it will be possible to record terrestrial digital broadcasting as it is, and based on the recording and viewing application "mAgicTV" that was attached to the conventional analog tuner, Because "mAgicTV Digital" which corresponds to EPG, subtitles, data broadcasting, interactive service which is characteristic of digital is offered, it seems that you can easily make your own PC digital terrestrial tuner.

By the way, it is a reason why the release date is not fixed, but according to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported below, it seems that the degree of time it takes to issue the B - CAS card becomes a bottleneck.

External terrestrial digital terrestrial tuner for PC is lifted, product announced also within the week: ITpro

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